Market intelligence to win the battle

Usage insights for the Top 10,000 apps in the World

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Success isn’t a question of luck

In today’s app market, your chances are only as good as the market intelligence driving your product. But top market intelligence is currently expensive and inaccessible for small and medium app businesses – leaving the bigger players at an advantage.

Apprival believes in leveling the playing field so that your app can succeed in today’s competitive market. Apprival provides market intelligence that is accurate, accessible, and instantly transforms into usable data.

We have what you need.

Usage intelligence

Revenue depends on understanding what engages users and keeps them coming back. Our Usage Intelligence provides data on numbers of users as well as their levels of activity.

Audience analytics

Know your audience and identify apps that tend to be installed and used on the same device. Use our affinity score to identify compatible apps.

Store stats

Let the market work for you by using comprehensive data to determine how best to position your app business.

Our product

AppRivals gives you the tools to improve your app’s performance at every stage of the user lifecycle.

Usage intelligence

  • Analyze retention rates and metrics by app categories
  • Get data on your competitor’s user frequency, session length & times of usage
  • Track daily and monthly active users every day, in every country

Audience analytics

  • Optimize your acquisition & retargeting strategies based on competitors’ data
  • Identify potential new partnerships across the app economy
  • Use app affinity data to adjust your in-app advertising content

Store stats

  • Analyze how apps perform by category or country
  • Determine what keywords your top competitors are using
  • Explore your keywords performance to increase your app’s discoverability
  • Look up rank history, app descriptions, feature data and reviews


Apprival works for you!

Use Apprival to make data driven decisions that improves your product and its market performance.

Stay ahead of your company’s competition

Forecast your competitor’s next moves

Benchmark your app performance


Stay on top of trends and changing consumer habits

Get valuable insights in forming your company’s app strategy

Enter new markets or expand your presence in existing ones

Tailor products and marketing efforts to your customer’s needs

Build win/win partnerships with complimentary apps

Our Data, it’s all about accuracy!

Apprival uses raw data from millions of direct measurement sources from throughout the app economy, to turn data into usable information for your app business.

Using statistical analysis and machine learning, Apprival is constantly working to improve our algorithms to ensure we deliver the most reliable and accurate data available for all mobile apps.

 Upgrade your business by using AppRival